standard projects residency Program

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The goal of Standard Projects is to share an open and productive environment for making fine art and handmade goods - encouraging material exploration and collaboration across trades.

Whether you are looking for some quiet time, a change of scenery or a table saw, we want to share this space and its resources. Facilitating other creative projects and helping artists refine their craft is what it's all about!

“In my own work I do everything by hand… my hand will always be imperfect, because it’s human…  If I spend a lot of time going over the line and over the line trying to make it straight, I will never be able to make it straight. You can always see the line waiver, and I think that’s where the beauty is.” - Margaret Kilgallen


The studio consists of an upper level wood and metal shops with outdoor workspace and just about every tool in the book. A sunny, open concept painting and fibers studio occupies part of the second floor with a range of industrial sewing machines and tons of space to spread out. A small retail space and gallery is just down the hall and showcases locally made goods, historical ephemera and beautiful bits and pieces graciously donated by artists-in-residence and friends of Standard Projects.

Available/free materials include paper/collage content, wood, fabric and so much coffee!





During your residency you will be provided with a private bedroom, bathroom and small kitchenette. Residents are free to make use of the shared kitchen and communal spaces. Additionally, several work areas and tools will be available. A couple other makers may be alongside you so collaboration and communal awareness is key for a successful experience.

Average residency duration is 7-10 days but more or less may be granted based on the scope of work you hope to create. Please consider how you can contribute to Standard Projects - whether through a workshop, artist talk, donation to the gallery collection or for sale in the store front.

We do not have a fee. This is a donation-based residency program.


To Apply:

Simply fill out the form below and let us know what you hope to work on! 

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