First ACTUAL blog post

As if I didn’t have enough resolutions for 2017, here I am jumping into one more. I think it is finally time to attempt a blog… 

It is not just that I’m feeling a fresh start with the new year but I’ve also recently completed the last awful, dirty and large-scale renovation project here at Standard Projects! I could easily go into detail as to what it entailed (much like other attempted blog posts that would only be interesting to me and two other people) but I’m just going to celebrate this milestone by ACTUALLY writing something down and putting it out there.

I started Standard Projects pretty much exactly three years ago. I was still living in Queens, New York with two sewing machines in my tiny kitchen. I peeked around in the Hortonville Police Department building while visiting family for the holidays and it didn’t take long for the abundant space, lovely natural features and charming town to win me over. I moved in April!

Renovations began immediately and enveloped most of my first year back in the Fox Valley. During that time, one of the first obvious ideas was to find a way to share this space and its growing collection of resources with other artists and makers. The first way this was structured was through a visiting artist residency program starting formally in June of 2015. Artists we have hosted thus far include:

Fiona Delamere / Nathan Pearce / Trina May Smith / Lydia Enriquez / Shannon Slane / Robert Fraher / Nicole Coco Spencer / Mel Kolstad / Ricki Dwyer / Zara Monet Feeney / James Ryan / Sarah Gallina

It should be noted that Shannon Slane is now the long term artist-in-residence here in the midst of fully overhauling a 1967 Airstream Ambassador travel trailer. Ryley Crowe is a permanent resident establishing a recording studio in the venue and coordinating events in that space as well. And I live here - I should probably tell you a bit more about myself..

I have always had an interest in art and making. I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated in 2011 with aBFA in sculpture. I worked as a wood and metal shop technician in the sculpture studios throughout college in Savannah and Atlanta. Afterwards, I moved to New York and did some artist assisting and freelancing for a year or so before landing a gig as a decorative painter and wallpaper maker in a custom finish studio in Soho. I dove into training in gold leafing and Venetian plastering as these were materials and techniques that naturally complimented my sculpture background. Simultaneously, I had been sewing clothes, small accessories and handbags as my respite from city life and also because making is cheaper than buying..

Eventually all of that culminated in the desire to have my own studio space and focus more time on making things. So three years ago when I was daydreaming about what this might be I’m positive I couldn’t have expected most of what has happened but I couldn’t be happier that it has!

Next week I would like to share more information about other facets of the space, including the storefront, gallery and studio spaces.

Also! We have an event coming up in the venue on Jan 23 - BLACK MARBLE / YOU / Wild Firth / darn it.