First Visiting Artist - Nathan Pearce

Early July brought our first visiting artist, Nathan Pearce, a photographer all the way from southern Illinois. It was a joy to have another artist working beside us in the space!

Renovating this building has been mostly focused on functionality and how to best facilitate different types of artists and visitors. One thing I love about having new people here is how they engage with the space in different ways. The individual responses to and inside of these newly useful spaces is fascinating. And it gets even cooler when visitors make you see your own town in a whole new light!

An image from  A Walk Around the Lake  by Nathan Pearce.

An image from A Walk Around the Lake by Nathan Pearce.

During Nathan's residency, he went ventured around town and created five small photo zines. The themes ranged from the shoreline to the cemetery. All of these works contained small things I had never noticed - a few words in a sign, a certain color on a building or a shallow segment of the lake. As I went about my day, I began to see this familiar place in a new way. I thought of how these images of my town fit in with the other places in the Midwest I had seen in Nathan's previous work.

Image from Nathan Pearce's photo zine,  Doing Business.

Image from Nathan Pearce's photo zine, Doing Business.

Nathan's visit was a busy one as it started off with an opening at the ARTgarage in Green Bay, WI. His work is part of Here and Away: Five Midwestern Photographers, a group show curated by Kate Mothes of Young Space on display through the end of July.

Prior to the residency schedule starting, Kate and I had been discussing a blog series about each visiting artist's experience and work completed at Standard Projects. Kate's natural curiosity for anything arts initially brought her here late last summer and after a few return visits, she is one of the few people who has seen the whole transformation process. She seeks the whole story; a perfect angle to capture these artists' stories. 

Young Space presents...

The Resident: Nathan Pearce

The past week has shown me, in no uncertain terms, how significant a tool the internet can really be, especially in the arts. And it's so exhilarating to see how one thing (in this case, just happening to come across a photo on Twitter) can lead to exciting, real-life opportunities, projects, and original art...

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