Hello All!

Definitely time for an update!

Standard Projects moved into its new home in early July. The remainder of the summer was spent moving in tools, sewing machines and belongings as well as gutting the carpet, drop ceilings and paneling from the space. It was quite an undertaking and I had some great helpers along the way.

Former "Interview Room" - This space is now part of the retail and gallery area.

Another view of this room shows the original vault. Filled with shelving for municipal records and documents, the vault room transitioned easily into a artistic library and technical resource center.

We spruced things up for an open house in early September which included an exhibition of eight artists and four local bands. Sharing the space with the community generated beneficial feedback and new ideas for its future direction. 

Preparation for the open house included gutting this large space formerly used as the firemen's meeting room. Nearly everything built out in this room was removed to return to bare concrete (still fighting with adhesive dots on ceiling, unfortunately). 

Evidence closet was demolished to make a spacious lobby (entrance to the right, venue through hallway on left). 

We opened the front garage doors and displayed artwork from several local and nation artists!

Since then, I have been working on building out several rooms to host artists and also updating the furnace, windows and doors in time for winter. More updates and pictures to come!